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Name: Commedia dell'Arte
Year: 2007
Gerne: Romantic adventure

After having sneaked in to a banquette of the nobles, the gloomy Pierrot suddenly meets the young lady Colombine. The two instantly fall in love!
Colombine however is already promised to another man the rich and ruthless Pantalone. Lord Pantalone claims his right to Colombine, but what he doesn't take in his calculations is Pierrot's best friend Harlequin a colourful jester who would gladly turn the world around to help his companion...

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Name: Commedia dell'Arte II - A Fool's Tale
Year: 2008
Gerne: Romantic adventure

We left our heroes in times of joy, when the love between Pierrot and Colombine had finally overcome all obstacles - and when Harlequin just had spotted a girl of his own taste.
But Harlequin will soon learn that love is never easy in a theatrical world...
The girl he saw works as a servant for a brutal usurer know as Il Capitano, and has little freedom to love who she wants. And the Captain, who suffers from a malicious disease, is determined to keep it that way, lest he will die a very unpleasant death.