Commedia dellíArte is a type of theatre from 15th century Italy. Whatís special about commedia dellíarte is that instead of having worked out manuscripts, pre-made characters were used. The actors travelled from town to town and preformed on quickly built stages. They played the same character every time, but once on stage, they improvised. The plays were often very comical, with people getting hit in the head or falling over. Commedia dellíArte was very popular through to the 18th century, but it is still preformed today.

The Characters
Harlequin Harlequin
Race: Human
Class: Vagabond
First appearence: Page 1

Happy Harlequin walks though life with a large smile on his face. Always joking, always laughing, never shy, never pensive, he vaults from one crazy adventure to the next. Though he is a good guy he is not always nice. He can joke about anything, make fun of anyone, his greatest foe as well as his best friend, or just some innocent bypasser. Even in the hardest of times he is without regret, without fear, without compassion. He is the Jester.

Pierrot Pierrot
Race: Human
Class: Vagabond
First appearence: Page 1

The dark and gloomy Pierrot is the exact opposite of his colourful childhood friend Harlequin. Pierrot is quiet and shy, good-hearted and kind. He usually would never hurt anyone, but he is also very romantic, and when some one threatens the ones he loves, he can be quite a fighter. He casts away his shyness and becomes very brave, when it matters.

Colombine Colombine
Race: Human
Class: Noble Lady
First appearence: Page 1

Lady Colombine is the only daughter of the Count of Hearts. Mere days before her arranged marriage with Lord Pantalone, the Count of Clubs, she meets on a party her soul mate Pierrot, and the two instantly fall in love. Colombine has lived a very wealthy and protected life. She is very sweet and kind, but, like Pierrot, she bites when necessary.

Pantalone Pantalone
Race: Human
Class: Nobleman
First appearence: Page 8

Lord Pantalone is a rich nobleman with very few friends. He is generally considered greedy and disagreeable, but no one fears him. They should, however, for below his unpleasant surface he is even worse. His vast fortune he has gain by being ruthless in business, and by the use of assassins making people do as he wants. It is said on the streets he murdered his own brother for money.

Scaramuccia Scaramuccia
Race: Human
Class: Body Guard
First appearence: Page 8

Scaramuccia is Pantalone's loyal body guard. He is also his employer's right hand, sent out from time to time to do the 'dirty work'.

The Feral One The Feral One
Race: Human
Class: Assassin
First appearence: Page 27

The Feral One is one of the most skilled, infamous and feared assassin of the world. No one knows his name, or his face, though it is said he reveals himself to all his victims, seconds before the final blow.

Il Capitano Il Capitano
Race: Human
Class: Innkeeper and Usurer
First appearence: Page 4 (II)

The Captain owns a lousy tavern which serves as the headquarters of his real business - lending money against vast interests. He is known for his brutal methods of making people pay their debts, and indeed, he often uses violence to get his will through.
Il Capitano is however very sick. His body is constantly breaking itself down, and he can only survive with frequent blood transfusions.

Trivelina Trivelina
Race: Human
Class: Maid and Dancer
First appearence: Page 62 (I)

Trivelina is a joyful girl in high spirits. She keep smiling at life, though life doesnít always smile at her. To pay off her fatherís debts to il Capitano she is forced to work for him in his sleazy tavern. Il Capitano uses her ruthlessly to his blood transfusions, as her blood is the only thing that keeps him alive. But Trivelina doesnít let this get her down. She continues to laugh and dance as the days goes by, and suddenly she meets Harlequin - her kin of souls.

Il Dottore Il Dottore
Race: Human
Class: Doctor and Alchemist
First appearence: Page 6 (II)

Il Dottore is working for il Capitano, but he is intellectual, civilized and polite. He is not as bloodthirsty as his employer, he only wants the best for people, and he says that his task is to save lives and taking one is out of the question. Yet he doesnít stop il Capitano form doing cruel things. He performs the transfusions without complaining, and without thinking much about the ethics.

Punchinello Punchinello
Race: Human
Class: Spy
First appearence: Page 9 (II)

Poor Punchinello is a misbegotten hunchback and a mute. He is working as a spy for il Capitano, who thinks highly of his inabilaty to speak - it makes hin unable to betray his employer.

The Author
Niklas Hallin Niklas Hallin
Race: Human
Class: Artist
First appearence: November 1989

No artistic education whatsoever, and no such career neither. Just an adolescent lighthouse keeper-soul with a pencil and a squadron of muses dancing around my head.
Iím trying to live my life after a new motto of mine, quoted from Jasper Maskelyne, the war magician of WWII:
"When someone asks you if we can do the job, the answer is yes. Don't think about it, don't worry about it, the answer is yes."